Classical dancer since the age of 7, dedicated her life to the Ballet, the Vaganova Method and the Classic Repertoire with great love and seriousness also worrying to study other dance styles like, Afro, American Tap , Modern Ballet, Flamenco, Folk dances of the World and many others.


Travel  to other countries helped a lot to enrich her knowledge and so in one of her works, for a Broadway show she met Chinese Dancers and began her passion for Chinese Classical Dance.

That's how she decided to move to China and learn this 5.000 years old dance style.

Marcia Delgado
Member of the International Dance Council CID - UNESCO

"The technique is a means and not an end  in itself." 

Isadora Duncan

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During her career she had the need and privilege to use methods such as  Martha Graham and Lester Horton that generated a mystique of techniques that led her to always use innovative methods for the physical conditioning of students, but knowing that technique is not everything. The dancer has to represent and, go far beyond that, love what they do and technique becomes invisible.

Currently her work is inspired by Bob Cooley's  Resistance Flexibility Training RFT  and Marie Walton-Mahon's Progressing Ballet Technique PBT.

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Recently dedicating her studies to the knowledge of the human body as a whole, and how to conquer the physical that every dancer seeks.  The study of the Fascia and how it works according to the mood and the 16 different personality types.

"Healthy thinkings is as important  as a healthy diet."



Ana Paula Castro, Student

  Márcia was a fundamental person in my life, because when I started to do ballet was just a child and she made me realize that through dance we can become a better person. Bringing to personal life what dance offers the best, as for example, today I am a disciplined person, I have focus and goals to be achieved and I am a very focused person and I am sure it was the dance that helped in the formation of my personality .

So I say that the experience I had in having met Márcia (my eternal ballet teacher) helped me a lot, because she always asked me  a lot, but at the same time she was very affectionate with all her students and today I see that it was only growth for my life.

Thank you, Márcia, for teaching me so much.


      -  Ana Paula Castro   -  

Fany, Daughter

I love the dance, I think there are feelings in us that only by movement can be expressed. I did not have as much experience with dance as I wanted, I did ballet until my teenage and then I ended up moving away, but surely it will always be one of my passions and I aim to continue studying ballet, not only for art, but for all the benefits it brings to physical and mental health. And to help me in this journey of my Ballet, I still have the honor of being the daughter of this talented, always original, creative, and hardworking person who is My mother, Marcia, a person in real love with dance, with all her soul, like I never seen before. A person who carries the art itself wherever she goes and in everything she does. Perfectionist, demanding, she will require a lot from you, but I assure that, she will make you achieve your best, because she is a real professional, who acts with a lot of love.

         -  Fany Delgado. -



"Dancing is feeling, feeling is suffering, suffering is love, you love, suffer and feel.You dance!!"

Isadora Duncan

​"We should consider  every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.!"

Friedrich  Nietzsche


Going to china was one of the most amazing things I've ever done. Today when I remember that 11 years I spent there, I see that I can write a book. Studying Chinese dance was not that simple, but very enriching. The difficulty of understanding the name of a simple gesture and its meaning, because the word comes from a time of almost 5000 years ago. 9 teachers, 2 translators and one performer and so many people, coleagues, dancers.

Watch the video of the Ballet "Chun Qiu Xing" ("Spring and Autumn") Ballet Shadows Dance, Shadows Admire Beautiful And Not Immortal People!

Based on the experiences of the Chinese Festivals, in the joy and emotion of each one of them.

In this video, two of my teachers, YaNan and Ms.Xiang, who have always been very sympathetic in sharing the maximum information so that I could understand the History of China more deeply.Much love and dedication have been deposited in this Work!

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​"I didn't choose to dance.  It choose me!  Life without dance is like life without air ..... impossible!"