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Classical dancer since the age of 7, dedicated her life to the Ballet, the Vaganova Method and the Classic Repertoire with great love and seriousness also worrying to study other dance styles like, Afro, American Tap , Modern Ballet, Flamenco, Folk dances of the World and many others.

Work in other countries helped to enrich her knowledge and so in one of her works, for a Broadway show she met Chinese Dancers and began her passion for Chinese Classical Dance.

That's how she decided to move to China and learn this 5.000 years old dance style.

During her career she had the need and privilege to use methods such as Martha Graham and Lester Horton that generated a mystique of techniques that led her to always use  

innovative methods for the physical conditioning of students, but knowing that technique is not everything. The dancer has to represent and, go far beyond that, love what they do and technique becomes invisible.

Currently her work is inspired by Bob Cooley's  Resistance Flexibility Training RFT  and Marie Walton-Mahon's Progressing Ballet Technique PBT.

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Recently dedicating her studies to the knowledge of the human body as a whole, and how to conquer the physical that every dancer seeks.  The study of the Fascia and how it works according to the mood and the 16 different personality types.  for this purpose, the group New era dancers was created with the objective of helping dancers through holistic therapies recognizing and treating the physical, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies, using both ancient and innovative techniques.  Join our secret group on facebook - New Era Dancers.


Going to china was one of the most amazing things I've ever done. Today when I remember that 11 years I spent there, I see that I can write a book. Studying Chinese dance was not that simple, but very enriching. The difficulty of understanding the name of a simple gesture and its meaning, because the word comes from a time of almost 5000 years ago. 9 teachers, 2 translators and one performer and so many people, coleagues, dancers.
Watch the video of the Ballet "Chun Qiu Xing" ("Spring and Autumn") Ballet Shadows Dance, Shadows Admire Beautiful And Not Immortal People!
Based on the experiences of the Chinese Festivals, in the joy and emotion of each one of them.
In this video, two of my teachers, YaNan and Ms.Xiang, who have always been very sympathetic in sharing the maximum information so that I could understand the History of China more deeply.Much love and dedication have been deposited in this Work!


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Training in Artistic Gymnastics at Flamengo Club and SESI School

Training in Classical Ballet in the Russian Method of Agripina Vaganova. 

Classical ballet training in the Cuban Method. RAD knowledge.

Training in Chinese Classical Dance and Folk Dance from China, 

Progressing Ballet Technique Training,     BalletPilates Training,  

Large experience in Complete Assemblies of Repertory Ballets, 

Long experience with learning and choreographing

Terapeuta em EFT for adults , teen and todlers, CBT, NLP, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.

Fitness Expert including diet advising.  Acupressure and Qigong training. 


Drawing and Painting
Cutting and sewing costumes
Costume Design
Scenery Design and Assembly

Holistic Therapist




2007 - Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village-Taiwan
2007 to 2008 - DanzCentre Performing Company-China
2004 to 2007 - Broadway - Feld Entertainment Inc. Florida- USA

2003 - Fiesta Casinos - Panama City
2001 to 2002 - Crux Hall- Hiroshima- Japan
2000 - Cia. De Baile Flamenco Luna de Rocio

1999 to 2000 - Ballet Ismael Guiser - Sao paulo SP 

1996 à1998 - Camera Ballet from Barra Mansa RJ 

1994 - Barra do Piraí RJ dance space
1987 à1990 - Body of the GACEMSS Theater RJ


2018 at present - Saltare Centro de Dança - Joinville SC Brazil

2012 to 2014 - Tianjin Vocational College of Radio, Film & Television -                              Tianjin -China
2008 to 2013 - The Family Learning House - China

2008 to 2013 - DayStar Academy - China
2007 à 2008 - DanzCentre School of Performing Arts Beijing/China 

1998 to 2000 - School of Ballet Ismael Guiser - SP - Brazil

1994 to 1996 - Ballet of Camara de Barra Mansa - RJ 

1990 to 1997 - Nazareth Classical Ballet Academy -RJ



Portuguese- Mother Language

Basic Chinese



The Nutcracker, The Dying Swan, Carmen, Paquita, Don Quixote, Coppelia, La Bayadère, Giselle, Cinderella, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Swan Lake, Etude and others...


Chicago, Sinfonia Aquática, Chorinho, O Romance do Bosque do Lótus, Apsara, Uma Noite Flamenca and others...


2017 Teacher Training Course CDA Chinese Dance Association

Pre-School to Advanced Level


2015 to 2017 Dance Wudao - Hunan / China 

Chinese Classical Dance with Prof. Yan Nan


2007 to 2013 Beijing Dance University - China 

Chinese Classical and Folk Dance


2000 Advanced ENBC Ballet Course National School of Cuban Ballet 

1998 to 2000 Ballet Paula Castro - São Paulo / SP

Professional Ballet Course with  Mercedes Beltran

1995 a 1998 Roger Almaguer - Barra Mansa / RJ

Spanish classical Dance and Flamenco


1994 to 1996. Barra do Piraí Dance Space - RJ 

Classical Ballet Classes with Erika Porto


1988 a 1990- Studio de Dança Regina Sawer- Rio de Janeiro Martha Graham style, Tap classes. 

​1986 à1990 Ballet Academy Tatiana Leskova - RJ

Curso de Ballet e aulas particulares com D.Tatiana


1985 to 1990 Academy of Ballet Eugênia Feodorova - RJ

Intermediate / Advanced Ballet Course with D.Eugênia


1980 to 1985 School of Ballet Leda Iuqui - RJ

Beginner Classical Ballet Course - Teacher :. Daniel Mendez​


2020 - NLP, CBT, 
2018 - PBT - Progressing Ballet Technique  Certification L 1 
2018 - BalletPilates Certification/ License
2010 - Resistance Flexibility - Studying
Qigong, Acupressure, EFT, Mindfulness
IASTM and Guasha


               Ms. Marcia Delgado becomes an Official Member of the                    International Dance Council CID -  UNESCO.
               CID is the official umbrella organization for all forms of                      dance in all countries of the world.
               It brings together the most important international,             national and local organizations, as well as select individuals active in dance.
CID cooperates with national and local governments, international organizations and institutions.
Its members are the most prominent federations, associations, schools, companies and individuals in over 170 countries.
CID is official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

CID 2018_edited.jpg

2017 - Finished her studies in Chinese Dance and Became an official Member of the CDA Dance Teacher

Academic chair 446 of the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Brazil.  

ACILBRAS was founded In Defense of Culture, Preserving the Customs, Traditions and Creations of Peoples, Disseminating Culture in All Its Strands Through Intellectuals.

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